The working ethics of the corporate world is changing. Now, the employees are supposed to set direct results at work to hit the bars of promotion and recognition, allowing them to tap into their maximum potential. It’s a hardcore fact that the lethargic dullness of employees give them a corporate fall. But, what makes them stand? Their abject creativity which is “thinking out of the box” and being an innovator of what we are responsible for. Although, not all working disciplines demand creativity such as Accountancy etc, adding a flare of innovation in any field results in your recognition. Moreover, creativity is not all within, at times, it’s the exterior aspects that bring about a change in our brain patterns. Explore 4 low-cost methods to ignite creativity at workplace. 

1- The Dim-Light Antiques:

A famous aphorism by the philosopher Frieddrich Neistzche frolics even today around the academic canvas that “Suffering is the only thing that bestows value upon the world” which exemplifies the success of the artists who worked on their masterpieces in the dimly lit lanterns. Moreover, a retinue of german researchers put two focus groups to creative work tasks under the different light setting. It turned out that those who worked with slight radiance at the working station created more dazzling results than others. Likewise, all artists believe that dim & insufficient light works as a catalyst for their thoughtfulness

2 - Creativity Over Caffeine:

It’s perfectly fine to brew some fresh coffee as a part of the morning ritual. But, in a nutshell, caffeine is a dodgy element when it comes to the brain. It eradicates the chemical named “Adenosine” which is responsible for making you sleep at night. Unfortunately, it also kills the creative urges since the same element is responsible for innovating our thoughts. Since creativity is off the wandering mind in a state of liberation, a regular sipping of cuppa dissolves your creative juices. Pick creativity over coffee.

 3- Worktime Interludes: 

Although, it’s slightly offbeat to take frequent breaks when it comes to workflow but interludes that create space for absorbing creativity are lucrative for employees. Working in a culture which is rather flexible than confined leads to uber creativity. Moreover, such breaks may welcome physical and mental exercises such as taking a walk, doodling, games and having a causal interaction with colleagues. This way, our brain recalibrates and refreshen its neurotic patterns, making us feel fresh to resume working again.

4- Recognition Is Revolutionary:

Recognition is the fuel which keeps the human engine running. That’s exactly what a creative employee would need after going above and beyond with his endeavors. It could be a collective team appreciation, an unplanned dine-out or the paid off time to laud their creativity. The recognition works like a revolution, especially right after  achievements.

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