It is said that this life consists of two events; one day it favors you, the other day it is against you. So be patient when it is against you and do not be vain when it favors you. A number of coping strategies have been introduced to the modern world, claiming to ease the unprecedented sufferings into the endurable phase of time. Likewise, the whole world is on the verge to put their mental gyrations to test with this new forced phase of life to live, the self-isolation.

Despite hosting a strong literature on coping strategies, numerous people miserably fail to use the time of crisis into their best interest by learning to rewire the previous sanctions of habits with the new ones. As much as we believe that the worldwide crisis is also a source of panic in billions of homes, it’s extra important to drive optimism and make attempts to give a meaning to the new scenario. Explore 5 easiest ways to turn crisis into a learning phase for long-term benefits. 

1) Avoid The Panic News:

When crisis befalls the first and the foremost step is to stop the inward flow of negativity to decondition the mind. The experts state that what we read, watch and take interest in is what we become at the end of the day. No matter how well-informed one wants to remain during the crisis, it’s essential to iron out the dark trending habits such as exploring the online panic forums, social media discussions, and watching media talk-shows. Disconnect from the demeaning news and go with entertainment or comedy to keep the little spark of life alive in between.

2) Learn A New Skill:

It sure is a worthwhile approach to handle the crisis with its neck. Having learned a new skill, we would become more optimistic and increase our mental preparedness as all gigs require a considerable amount of intelligence to master them. As the world has become a global village, there is so much to opt for the professional domain. Moreover, we can get habitual with distant-learning and search for websites that offer verified courses. Start your basics with Graphic Designing or  try your hands with the Video Animation. Give yourself the gift of a new skill.

3) Empower Teamwork:

The current crisis has enforced self-isolation which is moving us towards hyper individualism. However, this can be managed with effective communication. As much as we contemplate in despair of making the office goals meet with a one man show, it is time to empower teamwork more than ever to stay ahead of the time. This evokes a feeling of belongingness and helps fetch useful insights about other people’s game plan. We can turn a new leaf now with video and audio calling apps to work as a team and not let crisis come in between the milestones. 

4) Think Different:

During the crisis, it is not necessary to mark down the worst case scenarios and develop a funnel of negative thinking. Instead, think differently since it’s primarily not the situations that make things worse but the thoughts about them. Have composure and spread positive airwaves to retrieve the lost hope. As much as it seems impossible to think on the flipside when the results are rationally demotivating, it’s still important to be positive.

5) Endorse Healthy Eating:

The nutritional psychiatry has it that eating a greasy, carb-based diet does affect your body in a thousand folds whereas a diet based on vegetables and fruits draw in creativity and curiosity. Moreover, healthy eating requires physical exercise to claim its effect in full swing. Even when all things are going south, maintain a healthy diet to release your stress hormones and boost the general well being and feeling of satisfaction in your life.