International Women’s Day | Recognizing The Female Flamboyance

After acknowledging the harsh unjust acts implied single handedly on this gender, it’s time to celebrate what women have achieved in the historic timeline of earth. A women is Frida Kahlo while painting magically realistic portraits, a woman is Maya Angelou who brought revolution with words, a woman is Mother Teresa who overlapped hate with kindness, a woman is Michelle Obama who pieced together the best-selling book named “Becoming”, a woman is Oprah Winfrey who owned the television industry with an on-screen charisma. Despite women achieving much to our surprise, what else can we indulge ourselves into on International Women’s day? Find out the best women’s day activities for 2020.

1) Encourage Gender Diversity:

1) Encourage Gender Diversity:

There’s nothing more riveting than to hold sessions, speeches and extracurricular activities that encourage gender diversity at the workplace. According to a research, women allocated at the key positions of the organization give a lion’s share to the progress of the company. Therefore, it’s essential to encourage and enable a gender-diverse climate to equally disperse the opportunities to the aspiring employees. On the other hand, conducting workshops may also eradicate gender-based assumptions and streteogrypes that strengthen them for a culturally sound working environment.

NOTE: Grant Thorton – an independent network of accountants and business consultancy states that the “companies are likely to perform better with women working on the key roles’.

2) Read Women Empowerment Stories

Since “awareness is the greatest agent of change” stated by Eckhtart Tolle – An American spiritual teacher, it’s time to get on with some literature on women empowerment. Read, recommend and share books that inspire a greater vision on women’s rights. Take Malala Yousufzai’s “I’m Malala” which made her the youngest nobel prize winner. Also, delve into the best-selling books written by female authors on poetry, business, personal lives, health and the sports to understand empowerment in its authenticity.

NOTE: Good Reads – an online book reviewing source states that “Becoming” by Michelle Obama and “Hand Maid’s Tale” by Margot Atwood are a must read for the women’s right enablers.

3) Watch Women In Cinematics:

The international women’s day is not limited to the facts-rich speeches, carefully constituted talk-shows or discussing the pay parity issue. Instead, it can be made more entertaining by watching the best movies on women empowerment. It’s time to wrap your head around the famous documentaries with a cross-cultural perspective. Not confined to Hollywood, these movies that represent women as a solitary hero can be from Iran, Korea and even France. Go for “The Apple” for an epic tale of two-sisters confined in the tribal strictness or watch the oscar-winner documentary named “Saving Faces” which portrays the life of acid victims all over the world.

NOTE: The British Film Institute (BFI) offers a take one some of the most inspiring women-related movies with a melting pot of cultures. Read the movie descriptions and pick out a film or the documentary which stands out.

Let’s enable equal opportunity to harness the powers of our gender and make this world flourish as a better place, altogether. Celebrate the International Women’s Day with vim & vigour and vouch on redeeming your rights and representing your gender with unconditional zeal and pride.

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