2D Animations

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Bring Your Ideas To Life

Let’s bring your ideas into life with 2D Video Animations that are engaging, informative and mesmerizing for your audience. Use these interactive, short and conceptual videos with interesting characters to flourish the online presence. The 2D Video Animation is more persuading, cheaper and faster in delivering your brand’s message to the masses on multiple online platforms.

Logo Animation

Logo Intro and Outro Animation are broadly essential for a magical head start and to end the video more smoothly and meaningfully.The animated logo can chirp in or fade away, marking their nature of animation as intro or outro. It also supports the factual statistics of videos being remembered more than static posts online.

Whiteboard Video

The whiteboard video animation is par cardinal for B2C and B2B business module. Consisting of the fast-forward doodle drawings, this video type creates a brilliant relevance for products and services. The whiteboard video animation is great for outlying the business process and complex technical guides that require special graphical attention.

Educational Video

The Educational video animation is for the complex coursework and consists of logically made concepts. This video type goes around enlightening students and enhance their cognitive capabilities. The educational videos are great for the learning purpose.

Explainer Video

2D Explainer Video is the video for business story-telling to confound your customers with removal of all business confusions. It is a short, concise, clear and interactive animation which garners the interest of your audience by elaborating your unique selling points. The most rewarding side of Animated Explainer Videos is the exhibition of cause and effect relation. They mark the problem and solution, accordingly.